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Storage Unit FAQ

How can I rent a storage unit?

You may rent a unit at any time by using our Kiosk at the front gate of the property. It is available 24/7. All available units may be selected through the kiosk. 

You may also come by our office in Kyle during business hours. We do not do online rentals or reservations for storage units. All units are first come first served.  Current Customers can make special arrangements if they contact us during regular business hours.

What are your business hours?

Office hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Saturday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, except for certain holidays.

When can I access my storage unit?

You may access your storage unit at any time, 24/7 as long as your account is in good standing. Your gate code is available immediately upon completion of your rental agreement with payment.

You must provide a lock for you unit and keep it locked at all times.

How and when can I cancel or close my account? I no longer need my storage unit or I intend to move out soon.  

We require a minimum 30 days notice of intent to move out. You may contact us in writing by US post, email or leave a note in the key drop box on the front of the building. You may also contact us by phone and leave us a message. Just let us know when you intend to have the unit cleared.

Once you have cleared the unit, just sweep it out, take your lock and close the door to avoid any cleaning fees. Then leave us a note that the unit is clear so we may service it. Once we have done so we will close your account. At that time you will receive your final invoice showing the account closed.

Even after you have notified us of your move out date, you will continue to receive invoices and messages from the system about upcoming payments due until your account is closed.

Your move out date must be no later than midnight on the last day of the month or you will be charged for a full month for any portion of the next month that the unit is not cleared out.

Rental contracts are month to month for full months billed on the first. Partial months are not prorated on move out.

If your move out date changes, just pay the next month’s rent as usual and let us know what the next move out date is when you know it.

Units are not preleased; your unit is yours as long as you keep up to date on your rent. Yes, even if you change your mind about moving out. We are happy for you to stay!

When is my rent due? Are there any late fees?

Rent is due on the first of the month for a full month’s rent.

On the second of the month your gate code will not work if your rent is overdue.

After the fourth of the month, your account will be charged a $15 late fee if your rent is overdue.

If rent is still overdue on the fifteenth of the month an additional $25 late fee will apply.

After this point lock-over will occur and the auction process clock starts, with associated fees.  

You must contact us to make arrangements to pay your account in full before the end of the auction process to redeem your unit’s contents.

Refer to your Self Service Storage Agreement contract for full details on all fees and dates.

Can I set my account to auto draft?

Yes. You may set your account up with Autopay. You may set that up through your online access or just call or come by the office during business hours to request that be set up on your account.

You will still receive invoices for upcoming rent due. You will receive a receipt when the payment has processed on the first of the month or you will receive a notice if the payment was denied for any reason.

How long is your rental contract?

Rental contracts are month to month.

Rent is prorated for the remaining days of the month when you move in. A $10 deposit is also due at the time of rental.

Rent is due on the first of the month, in full, for any portion of a month after that.  The last month is not prorated on move out.

How do I access my online account? Can I pay my bill on line?

Change to info

Within your account you may make payments, view your bill and make some changes to your account.

Do I need insurance on my goods in storage?

Yes. You should obtain insurance for your stored good. We offer SafeStor Tenant Insurance plans that can be included in your monthly bill to cover your goods. You choose the level of coverage.

You may opt to have your homeowners or renters insurance cover your goods in storage but you would need to check with your insurance provider about that.

You may also self-insure your goods. You would then be responsible to absorb the full cost of any goods you have in storage.

This facility is not responsible for any damage or theft of goods stored here.

Do I need insurance on my vehicle parked on the lot?

It is not required by this facility but you should obtain insurance on your vehicle, boat, rv, or trailer parked on the lot.

This facility is not responsible for any damage or theft of goods stored here.

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